About Me

Variable Power Supply

Study: Electronics Engineering

Languages: C over all, with C# mixed in for graphical things on PC. Also some Verilog when needed and of course I’m learning HTML/CSS/Javascript for this website.

Biography: My passion with electronics and anything engineering started when I was a child. To my parents' great discontent I enthusiastically ripped apart any and all toys I got to check out how they work. But the re-assembly never worked as planned and the toy was lost. This means that very fast was discovered that the best toys for me, and my favorite ones where LEGO and Fischertechnik. My first successful project, that I can remember, was connecting a small light bulb to an adjustable AC power plug. This was one of the instances that lit up my enthusiasm for electronics. From there the projects got more complex and interesting. I went on to study Electronics Engineering and creating this website to share my projects.

About the Website

Framework: This is a static website created with the Hugo framework.

Domain: I used Namecheap as my Domain name registrar.

Hosted: The website is hosted on Vultr on a VPS.