This is a collection of tools that I find very useful and you dear visitor my find them useful as well.

PCB Design

  • PCB Toolkit: A very useful program for PCB designing for almost all things like resistance/amperage calculations, differential pairs, planar inductors, conductor impedance (very useful to design transmission lines) and many many more.

Embedded Systems

  • RealTerm: My favorite and very complete COM terminal.
  • MicroModeler: Found this amazing web-based digital filter design tool! It is very feature rich and has a free version that allows to design “low” order filters.

Circuit Simulations

  • LTspice: Probably the most well known and used circuit simulation tool out there. It is very complete and powerful.
  • QUCS: Quite Universal Circuit Simulator is an alternative that I quite like to LTspice/Spice. It is simpler and in my opinion easier to learn but not as complete and powerful.


  • Scilab: Scilab is an open source alternative to MATLAB and Simulink, like Octave. I use Scilab on Windows for simple simulations and tests.


  • SDR#: One of the most popular and feature rich SDR softwares that are free and run on Windows.
  • SoundModem: A very good and simple to use “TNC” Modem for the PC, decodes and encodes popular modulations and uses the PC sound card to interface with a HAM Radio or a virtual cable link to interface to another software running on the same PC like SDR#.