Mini Cube Robot

A small 5x5cm cubed robot with differential two wheel drive. Modular design with a simple and cheap base so that it can be built and deployed in large numbers, for swarm and cooperative robotics.

Radio Interface

Add-on board for the VUHFRadio that adds a LCD Screen, button interface and battery managing. Enables standalone use of the VUHFRadio with a graphics interface to change configurations and power from a LiPo battery.

Motor Test Stand

A Motor Test Stand to measure thrust of motor + propeller combos. Semi-automatic test with simultaneous voltage, current and thrust measurement using the STM32G4 DAQ. Results for Coreless 8520 Motors for three different propellers.

VUHF Radio

A dual band, VHF and UHF, module based around two AX5043 radios. Built to be compatible with HAM Radio communications using AFSK and G3RUH. With additional FM receiver and transmitter functionality.


A DAQ with 8 Differential, 16 Single Ended $ \pm 12V $ analog input channels and four $ \pm 12V $ analog outputs. Using the new STM32G4 MCU and the ADA5254 programmable gain instrumentation amplifier.